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Lauren Smith is the Registered Dietitian and weight loss expert behind The Sorority Nutritionist, a brand that has taught hundreds of women around the world to lose weight while having fun.

On this podcast she shares weight loss REAL TALK to inspire and show you how to transform your body, get real results and actually have FUN doing it. She also invites real women on the show who have implemented her proven framework to motivate you to take action, start tracking your calories and create the body of your dreams without fad dieting.

21. Choosing the right calorie range for weight loss

Dec 10, 2020


This week, Lauren goes solo to talk with you about why calorie ranges are so freaking important when it comes to weight loss! She’s here to give you your weekly dose of REAL TALK and goes over why calorie ranges are better than choosing one number when tracking your calories and...

20. RACHEL'S STORY: Losing the Last 10 Pounds & Focusing on Fat Loss

Dec 9, 2020


This week on The Sorority Nutritionist Podcast Lauren sits down with former athlete Rachel discusses all things working a 9-5, being lazy, finding motivation when the scale isn’t moving and staying focused on your fat loss goals. When Rachel first found TSN, she was having a hard...