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Lauren Smith is the Registered Dietitian and weight loss expert behind The Sorority Nutritionist, a brand that has taught hundreds of women around the world to lose weight while having fun.

On this podcast she shares weight loss REAL TALK to inspire and show you how to transform your body, get real results and actually have FUN doing it. She also invites real women on the show who have implemented her proven framework to motivate you to take action, start tracking your calories and create the body of your dreams without fad dieting.

Dec 1, 2022

This week I’m chatting with the incredible fit babe Jennifer who lost an incredible 16 pounds and 5 inches off her belly… and realized (in her words, not mine) that “weight loss really isn’t that complicated” inside 90 Day Fit Babe Body!

Jennifer opens up about growing up with her mom’s serial dieting and how it impacted her weight and relationship to food throughout the years, how she gained weight as an extremely stressed out mom-of-two, and the moment she made the decision that she wanted to make a change after realizing she was the only person that was going to “save” herself.

Jennifer is an incredible example of focusing on the foundations of weight loss when you feel so lost on your journey, and how you can also make the same transformation too!